The League’s 2017 Final Battle tournament

The League’s 2017 Final Battle tournament will soon see its front-runners battling for their share of a $300,000 prize pool at this year’s WG Fest. A total of 12 teams will step into the eSports ring to compete in the crowning event of WGL Extended Season 2017, consisting of all the winners from regional tournaments.

Three teams from the EU—Kazna Kru, DiNG, and Oops—will take on three from the CIS—Tornado Energy, Rush, and Unique—with two teams from NA—Elevate, Top Tier Gaming—two from APAC—YaTo RSGaming, Seven Pirates—and two from China—YiNuo Gaming and Steel Man.

The Final Battle will run in two phases. The five days of playoffs (December 13–17) will narrow down the list of teams. The decisive match will be held at WG Fest (December 23). Both playoffs and the final rounds will be held at Moscow’s Expocenter.

Prize pool distribution:

  • 1st place—150,000 USD per team
  • 2nd place—75,000 USD per team
  • 3rd place—27,500 USD per team
  • 4th place—27,500 USD per team
  • 5th to 8th place—5,000 USD per team

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