Watch Overwatch League Match Rebroadcasts

Blizzard Entertainment

There’s more than a week left before the Overwatch League Stage 3 Finals, and we’ve already been treated to a host of epic clashes, shocking upsets, and rivalry showdowns. In case you missed any of the amazing action along the way—or want to see it again—we’ve got you covered with a full slate of rebroadcasts.

Following each live broadcast, Wednesday thru Saturday, you can now watch an immediate rebroadcast on Here’s the schedule:


  • Live show → Wednesday rebroadcast #1 (~10 p.m. PST) → Wednesday rebroadcast #2 (Thursday ~4 a.m. PST)


  • Live show → Thursday rebroadcast #1 (~10 p.m. PST) → Thursday rebroadcast #2 (Friday ~4 a.m. PST)


  • Live show → Friday rebroadcast #1 (~10 p.m. PST)


  • Live show → Saturday rebroadcast #1 (~7 p.m. PST) → Friday rebroadcast #2 (Sunday ~1 a.m. PST) → Saturday rebroadcast #2 (Sunday ~8 a.m. PST)

Stay tuned between Stage 3 and Stage 4, when we’ll run a marathon of all Stage 1–3 matches to get you caught up and primed for the decisive Stage 4.

And if those times don’t work for your schedule, you can always head over to the Overwatch League Twitch channel for all-the-VODs-you-can-watch.