Way of the Passive Fist will be featured in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West

Household Games, the creators of Way of the Passive Fist, has confirmed their end of summer coast-to-coast plans to showcase their debut title in Toronto and Seattle. Way of the Passive Fist will be featured in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West, Sept. 1-4, in Seattle, Washington.

Before PAX West attendees get their hands on the brand new custom built cabinet, local Southern Ontario fans can demo the game at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE/a.k.a The Ex) in the “Gaming Garage” building on August 25 & 26 from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The Indie MEGABOOTH (IMB) organizers have an open submission process where they have a jury hand select participating independent developers to showcase their titles in a prominent area on the PAX West show floor. For PAX West 2017, IMB will host and feature more than 80 games from 17 countries in its MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, and TABLETOP spaces. Way of the Passive Fist – and its custom cabinet, which was built and handcrafted by the devs at Household Games – will be playable in booth 753 at PAX West in Seattle, Washington. For more details visit http://indiemegabooth.com/indie-megabooth-pax-west-2017-lineup-announced/.

Before the developers from Household Games start their journey in transporting their custom cabinet to the west coast, they’ll be setting up shop at the inaugural CNE Gaming Garage produced by the organizers of the annual Bit Bazaar. Way of the Passive Fist will be playable at The Ex on August 25 & 26 only (the Gaming Garage runs thru Aug 27). For more details about the CNE Gaming Garage visit https://theex.com/main/entertainment/cne-gaming-garage/ or use official hashtag #CNEGamingGarage for updates and sneak peeks. More information can also be found at https://www.bitbazaar.world/ .

While creating Way of the Passive Fist, the developers aim to be forward-thinking in their approach to accessibility and are turning brawler game mechanics upside-down. All the gameplay features will be unlocked so that players at The Ex and PAX West will be able sample the fully remappable control scheme to play one-handed, as well as adjustable gameplay settings to customize challenge levels with unique names.

Way of the Passive Fist has the spirit of some of the great licensed cartoon arcade brawlers of the 90s. Players take on the role of the mysterious Wanderer, a figure who has mastered the technique of the Passive Fist, a defensive fighting style that allows one to outlast any foe. By employing parries, deflections, dashes, and dodges, the Wanderer’s enemies tire themselves with their furious, unrelenting strikes and fall one by one. A cool head and a keen eye are the tools needed to survive in this world ruled by raiders, mad scientists and fanatical sun worshipers.

“We’re really excited to be ending our summer of with a bang and hit the open road with our cabinet transporting it from the CNE in Toronto to Seattle where we’ll showcase Way of the Passive Fist in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West! This is a dream come true to join forces and be a part of the MEGABOOTH. The team has been working hard on polishing the game and we’re ready for fans to play it and master the Passive Fist technique,” says Jason Canam, Founder of Household Games. “Household Games is dedicated to creating a fun, re-playable arcade brawler experience – for all skill levels – that feels familiar because of its 90s cartoon inspired characters and environments. We hope our fans that have been following the game enjoy playing and we’re looking forward to making some new friends at The Ex and PAX West.”