World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, host of new content

Champions of the Horde and the Alliance, prepare for a new challenge! Starting today, a host of new content is available in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, including the expansion’s first raid, Uldir; the first Mythic Keystone dungeon season and Rated PvP season; and the start of the Warfront cycle.

New Raid: Uldir

Uldir is now open in Normal and Heroic difficulty! Millenia ago, the titans constructed this underground facility to research and quarantine captured specimens, hoping to study the void energy that bound the Old Gods. But something has gone horribly, horribly awry. Learn more about this 8-boss raid.

Warfront: Stromgarde – The Cycle of War Begins

Get ready for Battle for Azeroth’s first 20-player cooperative Warfront: the battle for Stromgarde! Horde players across Europe can now start contributing the supplies necessary to launch an assault on Stromgarde; once the faction has come together to contribute enough, all Horde players in the region will get access to the Warfront for a limited time. In addition, Alliance players can now access special outdoor content in Arathi Highlands—including a new world boss. Learn all about Warfronts and the cycle of war in our primer.

Mythic Keystone Dungeon Season 1

Mythic Keystone dungeons are now available, and the first Mythic Keystone dungeon season has begun! Battle for Azeroth introduces the game’s first-ever seasonal affix: Infested. This seasonal affix—themed after G’huun, the final boss of Uldir—appears on level 10 or higher Keystones, and infects select denizens of each dungeon with corruption to keep players on their toes. A new affix will be available each dungeon season. Learn more.

Rated PvP Season 1

Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 1 kicks off with new rewards and two new Arenas—Hook Point and The Mugambala. Players can also earn Conquest points to purchase new rewards and earn weekly PvP chests with potent rewards for participating in certain PvP activities. Learn more.