A1 eSports League Austria final in League of Legends and Project Cars 2

Hans Oelschlägel – ESL Gaming eSports

After an exciting regular season, the A1 eSports League Austria powered by ESL is drawing to a close in both League of Legends and Project Cars 2. We’re only one week away from the grand finals which are taking place at the GAMECHANGERS Festival in Vienna from April 18-20, 2018.

While the League of Legends tournament was exclusive to Austrian teams, the Project Cars 2 competition saw player from all over Europe compete for the coveted spots at the grand finals. And with 10,000€ prize money in LoL and 15,000€ in Project Cars 2 the fight for limited spots was fierce!

League of Legends

  • Finals teams: dZ Legends, Playing Ducks, Mega Black Lion, Tick Trick Duck
  • Structure of the finals: Single Elimination bracket with BO3 in all matches
  • Prize Pool: Total of 10,000 €
  • Stream schedule:
    • Semi-Final 1: 19.04. 11am – dZ Legends vs vs Playing Ducks
    • Semi-Final 2: 19.04. 4pm – Mega Black Lion vs Tick Trick & Duck
    • Final: 20.04. – 8:30 pm
  • Extra info: The Semi-Finals will happen from studio, from Area 52 and only the Grand Final will be held at the location of the Festival.
  • Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/a1esports

Project Cars 2

For the Project Cars 2 finals, the players will be organised into 4 groups, where the top 2 players from each group up will advance. The remaining 8 players will be put into two groups where the top 2 players from each group will advance into the main final, leaving us with four players.
In addition there will be a Last Chance qualifier to determine the last 2 slot. In the final round 6 players will compete for the grand prize.

  • Prize Pool: Total of 15,000 €
  • Stream schedule:
    • Quarter Finals / Semi Finals stream start: 09:30am
    • Stream end: 4pm
    • Finals stream start: 6:15pm
    • Stream end: 7:30pm
  • Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/a1esports

(Top ranking – PS4, bottom ranking – PC)

In addition to the qualified player shown above, four more players qualified through the Austria-only competitions on PS4 and PC.The following four players will complete the playing field and give us the final 16 players:

Austria PS4 qualifier

  • BrickPsychosis
  • Wetdogmccain

Austria PC qualifier

  • Madpew
  • Hadi

Thanks to the sponsors and partners of the A1 eSports League Austria for making it all possible: Samsung, Techbold, Gnation.

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