2018 NA LCS Spring Split is almost here

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The return of NA LCS weekends are almost here. On January 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM PT, 10 teams begin their journey toward Spring Finals with eyes on the NA LCS Split Championship title.


100 Thieves (100)

100 Roster

  • Ssumday, Top
  • Meteos, Jungle
  • Ryu, Mid
  • Cody Sun, ADC
  • Aphromoo, Support

100 Content

Support 100 Thieves 

Cloud9 (C9)

C9 Roster

  • Licorice, Top
  • Svenskeren, Jungle
  • Jensen, Mid
  • Sneaky, ADC
  • Smoothie, Support

C9 Content

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Clutch Gaming (CG)

CG Roster

  • Solo, Top
  • Lira, Jungle
  • Febiven, Mid
  • Apollo, ADC
  • Hakuho, Support

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Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)

CLG Roster

  • Darshan, Top
  • Reignover, Jungle
  • Huhi, Mid
  • Stixxay, ADC
  • Biofrost, Support

CLG Content

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FlyQuest (FLY)

FLY Roster

  • Flame, Top
  • AnDa, Jungle
  • Fly, Mid
  • WildTurtle, ADC
  • Stunt, Support

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Echo Fox (FOX)

FOX Roster

  • Huni, Top
  • Dardoch, Jungle
  • Fenix, Mid
  • Altec, ADC
  • Adrian, Support

FOX Content

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Golden Guardians (GGS)

GGS Roster

  • Lourlo, Top
  • Contractz, Jungle
  • Hai, Mid
  • Deftly, ADC
  • Matt, Support

GGS Content

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Optic Gaming (OPT)

OPT Roster

  • Zig, Top
  • Akaadian, Jungle
  • PowerofEvil, Mid
  • Arrow, ADC
  • LemonNation, Support

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Team Liquid (TL)

TL Roster

  • Impact, Top
  • Xmithie, Jungle
  • Pobelter, Mid
  • Doublelift, ADC
  • Olleh, Support

TL Content

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TSM Roster

  • Hauntzer, Top
  • MikeYeung, Jungle
  • Bjergsen, Mid
  • Zven, ADC
  • Mithy, Support

TSM Content

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Spring Split Details


As previously announced in December, Bo1 is back for the regular season. Spring Split will take place over 9 weeks starting on Saturday, January 20.


Regular season


  • Quarterfinals: March 24-25
  • Semifinals: March 31-April 1
  • Finals: April 7-8

Will Spring Finals be on the road? When will you tell us where it’ll be?

Yes, the 2018 NA LCS Spring Finals weekend will not be at the NA LCS Studio and we’ll share more details in the coming weeks.

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How to Watch

NA LCS games take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The new NA LCS pre-game show — NA LCS Countdown — begins at 1:30 PM PT, with champion select for the first game beginning at 2:00 PM PT.

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Don’t miss the return of the NA LCS on Saturday, January 20 at 2:00 PM PT.