Alliance H1Z1 Pro League Roster

H1Z1 Pro League

The H1Z1 Pro League is proud to present to you the official roster for Alliance:

Ben “Shades” Sowerby

Dean “Colje” Bell

Jordan “Sycaz” Parras

Shane “Rektnub” Grant

Chris “Mountain” Middleton Bolch

With four out of the five members representing Australia, Alliance looks to make the region proud. Rektnub stated, “I want to represent The Alliance in a strong fashion, finish in a top placing, and do our supporters proud!” Sycaz said, “I hope to achieve a podium finish. I feel like we are the underdogs coming into this competition as we are the only Australian team competing and with that we will bring a new level of skill and dedication to the scene.”

When asked why they signed with Alliance, Shades said, “I decided to sign with Alliance due to the people I would be working with. The people working within The Alliance have been great to us in all aspects.” Mountain, the team’s newest member, said, “I already feel like one of the team after only joining recently. I’m feeling really welcomed and at home.”

Check back soon for more roster announcements as we get closer to the premiere of the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League on 4/21, live on Facebook! For the most up to date information on the League, including previous roster announcements, check out our Facebook Group, Twitter, and