SetToDestroyX H1Z1 Pro League Roster

The H1Z1 Pro League is proud to present to you the official roster for SetToDestroyX:

JR “Aw_NaW” Hinds

Douglas “DougisRaw” Wolf Jr

Benjamin “BennyBoy” Holley

Matthew “Stompalittle” Willis

Jose “ProdigyAces” Soto

Long time members of the H1Z1 community, SetToDestroyX looks to let the other teams know that they are still here and ready to compete. When asked what he hopes to accomplish in the H1Z1 Pro League, BennyBoy stated, “I would like to better myself, not just as a player, but also as a person in general. I also want our team to make SetToDestroyX proud by bringing home the Championship.” DougisRaw adds that his goals are to “Make a name for myself and really just try and better the community as a whole.”

New SetToDestroyX member ProdigyAces joins the team for the inaugural season. When asked about his decision, he stated “I decided to sign with SetToDestroyX because of the morals and values this org focuses on. I truly believe being with this org will bring the best out of me as a player and as a human being.” Stompalittle can attest to this as he says “If it wasn’t for the amazing people inside the org pushing me to be the best I could be I don’t think I would have ever been in this position to compete.”

Check back soon for more roster announcements as we get closer to the premiere of the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League on 4/21, live on Facebook! For the most up to date information on the League, including previous roster announcements, check out our Facebook Group, Twitter, and