BFF or Die at EGX 2017


ASA Studio will be bringing the shiny new version of upcoming game BFF or Die to EGX
for the first time this September. Look out for the BFF or Die booth on the Tentacle
Collective (stand number SO29), easily spotted from afar by the… big green tentacles!

BFF or Die is a game that makes you feel good about the people you play with. You can
even share one control pad between two people for that extra feeling of togetherness.

Bring a friend or colleague or even grab a random EGX visitor to play with you and you’ll
soon end up best buds. One time two strangers played together and a few weeks later one
ended up working at the other’s company. True story!

BFF or Die has been in development since 2014 with the early prototype winning the
following awards and industry recognition:

● Best Multiplayer in GameOn 2.0
● Develop Conference Indie Showcase Finalist
● Runner up in Intel’s Level-Up competition and showcased at PAX West
● A development grant of £25,000 from the UK Games Fund