CFS Invitational Egypt 2019

CFS HQ knows how much our CFers has been waiting for the CFS Invitational to return. Last time we announced CFS INVITATIONAL Brazil 2019, and now we are once again overjoyed to announce another CFS Invitational tournament that will be held this year!

Don’t be surprised, mercenaries.

For the first time in CFS history, the tournament will be held in EGYPT!
CFS Invitational Egypt 2019 will take place on September 21st at the Cairo Stadium Indoor Hall.

Renowned CROSSFIRE teams around the world will gather and compete for the total prize pool of $30,000!
Each team from Egypt, China, and Europe will be invited to the tournament.
Participating teams for each region are as follow:

Super Valiant Gaming [China]
Anubis Gaming [Egypt]
Golden V [Europe]
All Talents [Europe]

More details are to be exposed soon.