Class in Session: Anakin’s TEKKEN Academy’s Fourth Episode

The fourth episode of Red Bull’s Class in Session: Anakin’s TEKKEN Academy is available now, giving students the opportunity to learn fighting game techniques and strategies from one of the world’s best TEKKEN fighters, Hoa “Anakin” Luu. Students can tune in at Red Bull Gaming on YouTube to view the new episode as well as ones from the previous weeks. This new episode explores the game’s combo system and how students can effectively execute moves to overcome their opponent.

As the head teacher at TEKKEN Academy, Anakin is able to pull from his 20-year knowledge of the franchise to ensure students are gaining the best insights and experience. This six-part weekly educational series covers in-depth lessons ranging from basic gameplay fundamentals to advanced combos for TEKKEN® 7. Each episode also includes curated homework assignments and challenges for players to practice.