The finalists of Vip Adria League are coming to Reboot Infogamer 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia

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The first season of Vip Adria League is coming to an end. Over the past three month, teams in CS:GO and League of League of Legends as well as players in FIFA have given their all in an effort to claim one of the four spots per game for a chance to claim the title at Reboot Infogamer 2017 expo in Zagreb, Croatia. Taking place this weekend, we will get three days of esports action, each bringing you the final matches in one of the three games.

The finalists:

In both CS:GO and League of Legends, the top two teams each earned a safe spot in the finals. The remaining two spots were determined in online playoffs of the 3rd-to-6th-placed teams. In FIFA, the first player qualified in FIFA 17, while the remaining three spots were granted to the top three of the FIFA 18 qualifiers.

FIFA 18 (24th of November):

  • Edinho_beast10 (Winner of the FIFA 17 qualifier)
  • Hasinho (Winner of the FIFA 18 qualifier)
  • dino5268 (Runner-up of the FIFA 18 qualifier)
  • Luksa10 (3rd place on the FIFA18 qualifier)

CS:GO (25th of November):

  • Valiance&Co (1st place during regular season)
  • Kliktech (2nd place during regular season)
  • Squared (1st place during online playoffs)
  • Zonic eSports (2nd place during online playoffs)

League of Legends (26th of November):

  • Kliktech (1st place during regular season)
  • Bontech (2nd place during regular season)
  • x25 MARVO (1st place during online playoffs)
  • RUR Esports (2nd place during online playoffs)

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