ECS Season 8 – Viewers Guide

Where can I watch ECS Season 8? 

ECS Season 8 will be broadcast live on our Twitch and Caffeine channels – make sure you’re following and turn notifications on to never miss an ECS broadcast.

You’ll also be able to catch our Community Caster Challenge entrants streaming and commentating matches on Caffeine.

When are the ECS game Weeks? 

Week 1 16th – 19th September 
Week 2 30th September – 3rd October 
Week 3 14th – 17th October
Week 4 21st – 24th October 
Week 5 28th – 31st October 

When and where are the ECS Season 8 Finals?

The ECS Finals will take place in a North American venue after the ECS Season 8 regular Season. Stay tuned to ECS channels and – we’ll be sharing details very soon.

Who is competing in ECS Season 8? 

The teams competing in ECS Season 8 consist of ten teams who qualified based on their placement last Season, and sixteen teams who qualified through the ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup. 
EU Teams NA Teams
Team Vitality Furia
Astralis NRG Esports
Ninjas in Pyjamas Complexity
North MIBR
OpTic Gaming Team Liquid
Fnatic Luminosity
FaZe Cloud9
Mousesports eUnited
Virtus.Pro Team Singularity

Following the ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup, here are the seedings for the remaining teams:

Pinnacle Cup Team Seedings EU Teams NA Teams
1 Tricked ATK
2 BIG Clan Sharks
3 Heroic Riot Squad
4 m1xX The Quest
5 Heretics Team One
6 Windigo Rap Gang
7 Espada Bushido Boyz
8 Se7en New Identity
9 forZe Team Divine
10 Ambush Oceanus
11 Spirit Mythic
12 GamerLegion Big Frames
13 Sprout Livid
14 Japaleno RBG Esports
15 BLUEJAYS Party Astronauts
16 CR4ZY Swole Patrol

What are the first-round matchups?

Week 1 of ECS Season 8 has arrived – here are the matchups: 


AVANGAR vs. Virtus.Pro

Heretics vs. Fnatic 

forZe vs. Ambush

Japaleno vs. Heroic


Team Liquid vs. eUnited

Sharks vs. INTZ

Cloud9 vs. Luminosity 

Singularity vs. NRG

What is the format of ECS Season 8?

The ECS Regular Season is 5 BO3 single elimination brackets to determine who gets a spot at the finals.

8 teams from each region will compete from 16 September – 31 October, with the winners of each of the last three brackets getting an invitation directly to the ECS Season 8 Finals. For more information on the full ECS format, please visit our Tournament Info page.

How can I stay up to date with ECS Season 8?

Over the next few months, there will be non-stop ECS content on our YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure you’re following to never miss an announcement or piece of ECS content.

How can I stream ECS Season 8 to my fans?

Previously, we announced that ECS is open for the community to stream directly to their fans. For all the information on how to stream to your community, please visit our announcement page.

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