FarmCon 19 Tournament Analysis

The Farming Simulator League premiere at FarmCon 19 lies behind us and today we want to share some numbers about the first tournament with you.

Team performance

On average, the teams scored 566 points per round with 26 straw bales and 23142 liters of wheat. The winning team Trelleborg is well above the average with 693 points, 29 bales of straw and 26323 liters of wheat.

Teams like Krone and John Deere, who did not make it into the top 3 at FarmCon 19, are well within striking distance of Trelleborg´s match performance and above the average of the other teams. Nobody should be surprised if these two teams will perform significantly better in the coming tournaments.

The wildcard teams performed really well during the first FSL tournament. They make up half of the teams with circuit points after FarmCon 19. With the teams Landwirtschaft 3.0 and Die Landeier there are even 2 wildcard teams among the top 3.


Rank Team Circuit
Avg. Points
Per Match
Avg. Bales
Per Match
Avg. Wheat
Per Match
1 Trelleborg 90 693 29 26323
2 Landwirtschaft
70 541 25 24166
3 Die Landeier 50 536 26 23706
3 Krone 50 635 27 22540
5 BG Powered
by Stark
30 540 28 23117
5 Grimme 30 422 19 22035
5 John Deere 30 598 30 20110
5 SDL by
Logitech G

What gets banned

The first “victims” in the ban phase are the fast and powerful vehicles. Especially the JCB Fastrac 4220 and Deutz 9 Series fall into this category. These two vehicles were banned more often than the other 16 vehicles combined.

The JCB Fastrac 4220 is the fastest vehicle in the FSL with its 62 hm/h top speed, plus the added bonus of a front loader. Although the Deutz 9 Series is not quite as fast with its 60 km/h, it does have enough power to pull the most effective baler in the FSL.

With these features, it should come as no surprise that no team wants to compete against these two vehicles.

Caught off guard

One thing surprised spectators and players alike: the two successful Rushs by Trelleborg. The teams SDL by Logitech G and Landwirtschaft 3.0 learned the hard way that every second count in the FSL SDL by Logitech G was hit particularly hard: Trelleborg kicked them out of the final with a Rush after SDL proved to be one of the strongest teams during the qualifier.


Gamescom and the next FSL tournament are just days away and we are curious to see what lessons the teams have learned from the tournament in Harsewinkel. One thing is certain: A Rush counter should be on a top spot in every training plan. All things considered; the teams should step up their training intensity to reach an average of 600 points per match.

We are curious to see how the teams will perform at Gamescom, after all, there is a 12,000 Euro prize pool and the all-important circuit points on the way to the Farming Simulator Champion title.

Which team is your favorite at Gamescom and will you be there to support them?

If you missed the final, you’ll find the recordings here:  Twitch (EN), Mixer (EN), Youtube (DE)