Heroes of the Storm, ‘Warchrome Wastes’ event highlights the newest patch

A new Heroes of the Storm patch is now live, bringing new updates to the Nexus—including the Warchrome Wastes event, Hero reworks, and more!

Welcome to the Warchrome Wastes

The Warchrome Wastes make up a gritty wasteland located at the farthest reaches of the Nexus. To ensure you’re ready for this hellish new landscape, new skins and a new mount are also now available: Vile Azmodan, Diesel Speaker Nazeebo, Roadraider Raynor, and the Helldorado Speeder Bike. You can find out details on the Warchrome Wastes event in the official blog post.

Hit ‘Em Hard and Fast!

The Warchrome Wastes aren’t the only exciting new thing to come to the Nexus. Everyone’s favorite ex-Marshall and The Lord of Sin are the latest Heroes to receive reworks. For details on the new Raynor and Azmodan, please see the attached fact sheets and check out their Rework Spotlights on YouTube: here for Azmodan and here for Raynor.

Season 3 and Ranked Play Updates

You can now test your mettle in the third ranked season for 2018. To kick off this new season, we’re also rolling out a series of updates to Ranked Play that include Third Ban, MMR and Rank Decay, updates to Placement Matches and Ranked Matchmaking, and more. For more information on the new ranked season and all of the new changes, head over to the blog post.

Secrets of the Storm

Those who want to learn more about the Nexus can also check out the newest Heroes of the Storm comic, which is now live! Read Secrets of the Storm online here.