First National Professional E-sports Venue in Liaoning Province

On the evening of October 30th, the launching ceremony of the e-sports industry in Heping District was held, and Heping District launched the development plan for the e-sports industry officially, according to the Information Office of Shenyang People’s Government.

By the end of next year, Heping District will rebuild the National Fitness Center in the district, incorporate e-sports elements, and transform it into the first comprehensive e-sports and related industry theme park in Shenyang, making the park the first large-scale national professional e-sports event venue in Liaoning Province.

Heping District will create special theme blocks for e-sports, rebuild or build a number of small and medium-sized professional e-sports venues, and turn small-scale e-sports competitions into multi-point and small-scale mass activities involving all people.

In addition, various competition events will be held, the e-sports digital platform system will be optimized, the “Shengjing e-sports” applet will be developed, and virtual e-sports city maps will be produced to realize one-stop service for information on e-sports venues, events, activities, players, etc.