Free Fire, ‘Theatre of Torment’ introduces David and Mysty

Free Fire invites Survivors to enter the Theatre of Torment where they will meet magician David and beast tamer Mysty, and can earn circus-themed rewards, including the Cursed Magician Bundle and the Cursed Beast Tamer Bundle. The Theatre of Torment EP is funny and lighthearted overall while also appearing dazzling and mysterious.
In Theatre of Torment, Survivors are introduced to two talented performers in this marvelous show, David and Mysty. They both ran away to join the circus to indulge their true passions, being a magician and beast tamer, respectively. But what makes this circus a true one-of-a-kind experience are the battles between members of its sideshow. Performers use their special talents against one another in battle, which not only makes for a more exciting performance but also helps members stay well protected wherever they go.
Survivors can earn several awesome rewards, such as the Cursed Magician Bundle (David) and Cursed Beast Tamer Bundle (Mysty). Additional rewards include the Horror Clown box skin, the Torment Cage backpack, the Torment Throttle surfboard skin, and a Theatre of Torment skin for the grenade, SPAS12, and motorcycle.

Horror Clown box skin

Torment Throttle surfboard skin

Backpack Horrorcircus EP LV3
Motorbike skin
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