Gfinity FIFA Series January – Qualified Players & Talent


The Gfinity FIFA Series January kicks off this Friday!

Time to find out all of the players who have qualified for this event and also who is in our talent team!

The Players

Back to back FUT Champions Cup winner F2Tekkz and the 2017 FIFA eWorld Cup Champion Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing are just some of the top players who will be down at the Gfinity Arena this weekend. Check out the full list below:


F2Tekkz Huge Gorilla
PSG Daxe Rogue Goal Machine 21
Bia11Cono M10 Resende
Captain Ray 10 S04 Tim Latka
CodyDerFinisher The x Demon10
Dullen MIKE PSG Rocky
Marcus Gomes sanchezisgoat
M Mino7x Kid M3mito



Nicolas 99fc Mo Auba
Diddychrislito Alan Avi
M10Ustum TheStrxngeR
Fifilza7 Fist_isopowerr
North Agge jra-cule10
AjaxLev63 Sakul97
Prohunter Nasri121017
NBD2699 AndoniiPM


The Talent

Joining us as commentators and hosts will be Gfinity regulars Tom Deacon, Chris “The Trout 91” Trout, Mark “Onset” Hatcher, Lottie Van Prag and a team of FIFA experts & pro players who will be lending us their knowledge of the game throughout the event.

Tom Deacon – Host
Lottie van Praag – Co-Host
Chris Trout – Analyst
Mike LaBelle – Analyst
Ivan Lapanje – Analyst

Kyle Walker – Analyst
Brandon Smith – Commentator
Richard Buckley – Commentator
Dan Gaskin – Commentator
Mark Hatcher – Commentator

You will be able to catch all the action starting this Saturday, at 1:45 PM GMT on our Twitch channel or in person if you manage to grab one of the FREE TICKETS to the Gfinity Arena!

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