Gfinity FIFA Series January

2019 has officially started with our first major tournament of the year; Gfinity FIFA Series January!

32 of the best PS4 & Xbox players in the world will compete in an action-packed tournament on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup. Recent FUT Champions Cup winner F2Tekkz will compete against the likes of Mo Auba & Gorilla and battle it out in the Gfinity Esports Arena for prize money and the all-important Pro Points.

The Group Stage will consist of 16 players from both platforms, competing in a traditional Swiss format. In the Swiss format,competitors are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure they play opponents with an identical record. Following the Group Stage, the top 8 players from both formats will advance to the single-elimination Playoffs.

At the conclusion of both Playoffs, the winner from each bracket will advance to the Cross-Platform Grand Final. The Cross-Platform Grand Final will consist of a single two-legged match. One leg of the match will be played on the PlayStation 4, and the other leg will be played on the Xbox One!

You can watch the action LIVE either on Twitch or by joining us at the Gfinity Esports Arena. Make sure to grab your FREE tickets!

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