H1Z1 Pro League Casters

H1Z1 Pro League

We here at the H1Z1 Pro League are proud to announce the casters for our inaugural season! Jason “SUP3RSoN1k” Burns and Rich W. Campbell are no strangers to the H1Z1 scene. Jason, who has been heavily involved with H1Z1 since 2015, started as a caster for TA Tournaments Online Season 2 and quickly proved that he could properly analyze competitive game play as it unfolded before him in a way where all viewers could understand. When asked how casting the H1Z1 Pro League will be different than other H1Z1 events, Jason stated “I am excited to cast the H1Z1 Pro League for the fact that we have never been able to tell storylines to the extent that we are going to be able to with this league. In past events, you only have a weekend worth of competition to work out what storylines are present. When it comes to a League that spans over two 10-week long splits, there is a lot more time for these kinds of things to develop and evolve in ways that did not exist before.”

Rich is well known for not only casting H1Z1 competitive events, but other esports as well. More widely known for casting the Call of Duty World League, Rich has also been involved in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. When asked about the casting chemistry between them both, Jason stated “I feel like both Rich and myself play really well off of each other when casting as I am really great with the analytics of a match and Rich is definitely that over the top energy and hype creator. He brings in energy that is unmatched by anyone else.”

Check back soon for more updates as we get closer to the premiere of the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League on 4/21, live on Facebook! For the most up to date information on the League, check out our Facebook Group, Twitter, and H1PL.com.