H1Z1 Pro League’s #H1Z1ProUpgradeMe Contest

H1Z1 Pro League

The H1Z1 Pro League has launched the #H1Z1ProUpgradeMe contest! Starting April 10th, this weekly contest allows eligible participants to send us an H1Z1 stream highlight each week for the chance to win prizes that will upgrade your stream quality. To enter, simply visit http://bit.ly/UpgradeMe1 or tweet your video entry to @H1Z1ProLeague on Twitter and use the Hashtag #H1Z1ProUpgradeMe. Video submissions can have a maximum length of 2 minutes and must be stream highlights.

Submissions will then be judged by a panel based on creativity and difficulty of the gameplay shown. For extra points, tag us in your stream titles for the week using @H1Z1ProLeague. A total of 2 winners will be chosen each week. Contestants can enter once a week and winners can only win once for the duration of the entire contest. The weekly prize will be announced on Twitter on the Monday of each week and deadlines for entries will be by 11:59 PM PT every Saturday. Winners will also be announced on Mondays via Twitter.

Prizes each week will range from peripherals and monitors to audio setups and other PC components. For full details on the contest including rules, click here.

Tune in as H1Z1 Pro League action starts on 4/21, both streamed exclusively on Facebook. To keep up with League updates and more, join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, and visit our website at H1PL.com.