Obey Alliance H1Z1 Pro League Roster

H1Z1 Pro League

The H1Z1 Pro League is proud to present to you the official roster for Obey Alliance:

Isiaih “StayLifted” Slowik

Grant “Aladdin” LaBelle

Justin “Teenage” Phipps

Charles “cKlass” Klass

Jamie “CrozzoveR” Alvarez

Obey Alliance, your “Fight For the Crown” champions, have formed an almost completely new team with the exception of returning member Aladdin. Aladdin’s goal for the H1Z1 Pro League is “to further a name for myself and Obey in professional esports” while CrozzoveR states that he wants to “build a franchise, bring viewership, and become the best H1Z1 team in the world.”

In terms of preparation for the League, both StayLifted and Teenage plan to make sure the team is ready by practicing every day while cKlass is focused on “getting on a balanced schedule so that I’m rested, focused, and ready to compete,” as well.

Check back soon for more roster announcements as we get closer to the premiere of the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League on 4/21, live on Facebook! For the most up to date information on the League, including previous roster announcements, check out our Facebook Group, Twitter, and H1PL.com.