Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment

More than 300 competing schools have been whittled down to 64 as the Heroes of the Dorm tournament enters the knockout stage of the National Championship and offers fans a chance at glory with the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge. For 2018, the Bracket Challenge will not only award $10,000 for the entry that predicts the most winners, but a perfect bracket entry winner will receive $1 million for correctly picking all 63 matches.

While everybody will be chasing the top prize, all participants in the Bracket Challenge will receive a Heroes of the Storm in-game spray from Tespa just for submitting an entry. The top 500 best performing entries in the Bracket Challenge will also receive a special Heroes of the Dorm in-game mount customized to match the colors of the 2018 National Champions.

The $10,000 top prize for the Bracket Challenge will go to the best performing entry, but it’ll take something special to correctly pick every match in pursuit of that $1 million bonus. Predicting all those winners won’t be easy, but a full suite of tools to help fans gain the upper hand, including match replays and team statistics, is now available at heroesofthedorm.com/stats.

After championship events in Seattle (2016) and Las Vegas (2017), Heroes of the Dorm is coming home to the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, CA for 2018. Attending the Heroic Four live event at Blizzard Arena on Saturday May 12, where the semifinalists for the National Championship will battle to bring the tournament to a thrilling conclusion, should be the ultimate Heroes of the Dorm experience. As the premier venue for Blizzard esports, the Blizzard Arena will feature an on-site gear store and maybe a few other surprises for college esports fans in attendance.

Tickets for the Heroic Four at the Blizzard Arena are now available at the official Heroes of the Dorm event page (heroesofthedorm.com/event). For more information on the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge, including the official rules, go to Heroes of the Dorm website (heroesofthedorm.com).

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