Heroes of the Storm, CraftWars event

Be prepared for the wildest crossover episode the Nexus has seen yet. Heroes of the Storm’s CraftWars event has officially arrived in-game today! With the CraftWars patch comes new skins, mounts, the next Nexus Anomaly, latest round of Hero reworks, and more.

NEW SKINS AND MOUNTS: CraftWars explores a world with… well, StarCraft and Warcraft! In CraftWars, King of Blades Arthas rules all the worlds. Anduin has crossed over from being a prince in Warcraft to (also) being a prince in StarCraft, becoming Emperor of the Dominion Anduin. Combining Gazlowe and the StarCraft SCV, Mineral Harvester Gazlowe comes to play, dropping just in time for his rework.

NEW HERO REWORKS: Occasionally Heroes are revisited and given reworks – this time around D.Va and Gazlowe are getting updated to make them even fiercer Bruisers to compete with.

NEW NEXUS ANOMALY: Heroes of the Storm’s fourth and newest Nexus Anomaly, Gladiator’s Medallion, gives players the power to prevent crowd control and disabling effects with a brief Unstoppable buff (5 minute cooldown). As with previous anomalies, this Nexus shake-up is only available for a limited time. Check it out today!

For more details for what’s to come in the CraftWars patch visit: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/heroes-of-the-storm