Heroes of the Dorm – Round of 32 Recap

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The Round of 32 was a bumpy ride for some crowd favorites. LSU, MINNESOTA, & IUPUI fell to lower seeds in a historic round of 32 for Heroes of the Dorm. Take a peek at the results below.

•[Carleton University] (Carleton) def. [Louisiana State University] (LSU) 2-0 Match Results
•[Cal State Fullerton] (Fullerton) def. [University of Minnesota] (Minnesota) 2-0 Match Results
•[Robert Morris University] (RMU) def. [Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis] (IUPUI) 2-0 Match Results

Be sure to watch this week, where the Super 16 will be whittled down to the Epic 8. Follow along with the bracket leaderboard to watch who in the community will take home the $10k!

Broadcast Schedule
The round of 16 is upon us. Watch teams as they continue in their battle for fully paid college tuition. Tune in this week on 4/11 and 4/12 to catch all the action.

Top 5 Plays
Heroes of the Dorm showcases a wide variety of play styles. Check out the highlights from the Round of 32!

Round of 32

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