HSEL and VESF, Two eSports organisations to positively impact student lives

High School Esports League (HSEL), the largest and longest-running competitive gaming organization serving high school students and teachers,  announced a partnership with charitable organization Varsity Esports Foundation (VESF). Together, HSEL and VESF will further each other’s ability to inspire high school students to achieve academic success, providing financial assistance and creating opportunities to support under-resourced students nationwide.

“Much like with traditional sports, esports provides a sense of community and opportunity for students, affecting their lives in profound ways for years to come,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder and CEO of High School Esports League. “Thanks to charitable contributions made by private and public institutions to our partner Varsity Esports Foundation, together we’ve been able to support over 2,100 schools, which adds up to about 60,000 students and 120,000 parents, teachers, and administrators.”

He continued, “$37 in donations is enough for a student to participate in a whole esports season; $4,000 sponsors an entire school. We believe that esports begins at the high school level, and every dollar helps us make that belief a reality for students across the country.”

“The Varsity Esports Foundation is honored to call High School Esports League a partner in our joint mission to support students through competitive gaming,” said VESF Executive Director, Bubba Gaeddert. “In 2019, VESF awarded roughly $200,000 in grants and scholarships to students across North America. We are actively searching for partners, sponsors, and grassroots donors to help us achieve our $300,000 goal for 2020 so that we can ensure more students reach their potential through esports.”