KitBash3D, Free-to-Stream Artist Festival ‘Game Day’ Sept. 11-13

Ft. Jama Jurabaev, Karla Ortiz, David Levy, Sparth, Loish, Beeple, & More

        • What: KitBash3D’s free Game Day event at LightBox Expo is a free-to-stream, three-day artists festival featuring live demos, tag team creations, and interviews with key artists from Last of Us Part II, World of Warcraft, God of War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avatar and Star Wars franchises, and more!

  • Who: KitBash3D Co-Founders Banks Bouttè & Maxx Burman will host appearances by 30+ industry titans including Jama Jurabaev (The Mandalorian), Karla Ortiz (Black Panther), David Levy (Avatar), Ben Mauro (Halo Infinite), and internet legends Lois van Baarle (Loish @loisvb) and Beeple (Everydays @beeple_crap)! View the full lineup.
  • Why: To bring one of the year’s biggest digital arts events to people’s homes live and for free.
  • Who should attend: Film/Movies/Games Fans, 3D Artists, Art Students & Professionals
  • When: Sept. 11 – Sept. 13; 10:00AM – 2:00PM PT (Daily)
  • Where: