We. the Revolution – Will be at PAX West 2017

Tomorrow is the grand opening, and Klabater alongside Polyslash are ready to present their upcoming, highly anticipated game set during the French Revolution.

As a judge during the gore-filled days of the French Revolution, you carry a heavy burden.  You may be forced to sentence people to death. At other times, you will need to choose between what’s right and what’s profitable. And your family? Right now there are more important things to worry about… or so it would seem. Visit Polish indie game publisher Klabater, and test out We. The Revolution!

We. The Revolution by Polyslash, is an interesting and unique combination of genres. Investigative mechanics, adventure elements, court drama… And let’s not forget the moral choices that won’t let you sleep at night. We. The Revolution manages to connect all of those features and bring something exquisitely new to players. Choose your own path. But prepare – your fate might be inevitable.

We. The Revolution is available as a hands-on demo at PAX West at the Indie Games Poland booth #6003. Come by, have a chat with the developers and have fun with the game!

We. The Revolution will enthrall those who enjoy moral dilemmas, complex choices, and political intrigue. The story visits the bloody and paranoid atmosphere of the French Revolution, where friends and enemies were often one and the same. Your role, as a judge, will be to go through the complicated cases of ordinary citizens, criminals, revolutionaries and their enemies. You will decide whose deeds will go unpunished, and whose head will roll when the guillotine falls. Beware, however, because the eyes of Paris are upon you – with many factions vying for power and influence over you, you will have to become a political force of your own to survive… and to seize control of Paris for yourself.

You won’t spend all day in court. You have a family to get back to, and political intrigue to address. Write letters and important documents, and control your private agents throughout Paris – these are all significant features of We. The Revolution.


  • Shape your own story. Decide whose head the guillotine will cut off, and who will be granted your pardon.
  • Feel the oppressive atmosphere of the French Revolution.
  • Become a judge in over 100 specific cases.
  • Administer the courtroom. Interrogate witnesses, analyze evidence and clues, read reports and pass judgments.
  • Gain friends and make enemies as factions fight for power in Paris.
  • Dive into a mix of genres: adventure game, court drama, political intrigue, investigative mechanics and tons of dialogue with moral choices.
  • Discover unique graphic styles, combining the simplicity of polygons with neoclassical art.

We. The Revolution will be available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux in 2018.