ONE PIECE Music Symphony 2, Confirmation of big stage show in Milan

21 Sept. 2019 – Milan /Italy (Teatro Dal Verme)
50 musicians on stage with giant-screen video projection!
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Relive Luffy’s adventure in a sensational live experience!
With the Composer Kohei Tanaka and a full symphonic orchestra.

ONE PIECE Music Symphony returns with a new video and music program! Sail to the New World for a new film concert with two prestigious shows in Milan! With the composer Kohei Tanaka and a complete symphony orchestra.

After attracting over 15,000 spectators in France, England, Denmark, China and Hong Kong, La Fée Sauvage is pleased to announce the Première of ONE PIECE Music Symphony concerts in Milan (Saturday 21 September 2019 – Teatro dal Verme).

In the wake of the first concert program, this updated show is now dedicated to the adventures of the “New World”, the most dangerous and anxious area in the universe of ONE PIECE !

You can relive the adventures of your favorite crew with a full symphonic orchestra playing in sync with the greatest moments of the story projected on a giant screen : the rescue of Princess Shirahoshi from the Fish-Man Island arc, the release of the children from Punk Hazard, Luffy and Sabo’s reunion, and the final fight against Doflamingo. An impressive 50 musician symphony orchestra on stage will play a selection of the most epic musical themes (BGMs) from the TV series. An original and grandiose concept (re)discovers the strength and power of live orchestral music while plunging into the latest adventures of ONE PIECE.

The composer Kohei Tanaka will be present and play the piano and will sing his most famous songs on stage! It will also have an after-show Meet & Greet for VIP ticket holders!

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