PDXCON 2018 Tickets Are Available

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games for both conventional and unconventional players, began ticket sales for PDXCON 2018, a public convention for Paradox fans worldwide. This year’s convention will take place from May 18-20, 2018 at the Nacka StrandsMässan, a 19th Century car factory that has been rebuilt into one of Stockholm’s premier event venues. Attendees will have exclusive chances to meet the creators of their favorite games and their fellow fans in the community – and will be the first in the world to hear Paradox Interactive’s newest announcements.

Paradox confirmed that the announcements at PDXCON 2018 will include the announcement of a game from Triumph Studios, the developer of the Overlord and Age of Wonders series who joined the Paradox Interactive team as an acquisition in June 2017. Paradox also announced that a new title will be revealed from Paradox Development Studio, the in-house developers behind Paradox’s iconic game series: Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris.

“PDXCON is our biggest gathering of the year for our most dedicated fans and veteran players, and it’s only proper that they should be with us when we announce our latest game,” said Johan Andersson, EVP Creative Director at Paradox Development Studio. “Our fans know that titles from PDS need to meet a certain standard for us to add them to our catalog, and that’s why we’re sure this next game will excite even our toughest critics of all, in person at PDXCON – our veteran players.”

“Since joining forces with Paradox last year, our studio has been eager to meet more of their famously dedicated community,” said Lennart Sas, founder of Triumph Studios. “We can’t wait to show them, and our own loyal fans, what we’ve been up to. Whether you’re a Paradox fan or you’re an Age of Wonders veteran – or, in many cases, possibly both – we’re excited for everyone in the community to meet us, and each other. I can’t wait to see you all at PDXCON!”

Tickets for PDXCON 2018 are now on sale to the public with multiple tiers available for purchase, each offering an array of exclusive event content and bonus items. The basic “Baron” ticket will grant visitors an all-access pass to the convention on Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20, along with an exclusive PDXCON goodie bag, access to special multiplayer events and on-site beta titles, and more. Visitors who choose the premium “King” ticket will receive everything that comes with the Baron, along with special Friday activities at the Paradox Interactive offices, plus a larger goodie bag and unique in-game items for Crusader Kings II. For those who splurge on the exclusive “Emperor” ticket, a set of personal workshops with the Paradox developers awaits, alongside discounts on upcoming Paradox titles, included meals at the convention, and even addition of their personally designed characters to a Paradox game – plus much more.

Full details on all ticket tiers are available at the PDXCON website, along with a storefront for ticket purchase and extensive details about the event itself. For all information, visit the PDXCON website here: https://pdxcon.paradoxplaza.com/