PUBG Mobile, ‘Safety Observation Period’ to combat cheating

PUBG MOBILE is making it harder yet again for cheaters as the game introduces a Safety Observation Period, the latest tactic in a continuing effort to maintain a fair gaming environment for all.

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new system in PUBG MOBILE will automatically identify players who are attempting to gain unfair advantages by violating the game’s end-user license agreement. Once any triggering behavior is detected, players will be removed from the matching queue and required to play the game under a Safety Observation Period.

During the Safety Observation Period, players will not be matched with players who are not under safety observation and will not record any earnings or stats from their matches. They will also be unable to team-up or spectate message, and only be able to access limited game modes until the observation period. If players damage the fair gaming environment while under observation, they will be banned.

PUBG MOBILE’s official Operations Team is fully committed to continue guaranteeing an amazing game experience and treat all users equally and fairly,” said PUBG MOBILE Team. “By taking a closer look at players who don’t respect the rules of the game and play fair, we’re continuing to show our commitment to providing a fair gaming environment for all.”

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.