PUBG, Update 12.1 remasters Miramar & plugs in El Solitario-themed items

PUBG Update 12.1.and brings with it a remaster of Miramar. This map saw a slight refresh in 2019 with the introduction of new aesthetics and lore elements. With 12.1, however, Miramar sees a major visual update that leverages the newer technologies KRAFTON employed in recent maps like Paramo and Haven.

Update 12.1 is available today on PC and coming to consoles on 10 June. Full PC patch notes can be found here along with the recent patch report video here. Console patch notes will be available in the coming weeks.

Additional updates introduced with 12.1 include the following:

  • El Solitario Collaboration – Through the end of the year, players will be able to acquire El Solitario-themed outfits and the company’s popular “Desert Wolves” off-road motorcycle in-game. Two outfit sets are currently available: The “El Solitario Biker Set” and the “El Solitario Wolf Set.” Each comes with a unique helmet, body suit, gloves and boots.
  • New Ranked Season – Update 12.1 marks the beginning of a new ranked season, meaning all rewards earned during the Ranked Season 11 will be automatically added to players’ inventory once Season 12 goes live on 2 June. Similar to Ranked Season 11, Ranked Season 12 will run for a two-month period.

New Weapon – Lynx AMR – Available through Care Packages in Miramar normal matches, the L6 Lynx is PUBG‘s first Anti-Material Rifle. This semi-automatic crate gun is capable of penetrating military equipment, and armoured players or vehicles. Intended as a hard counter to vehicles, the L6 remains an effective sniper rifle against players when used wisely.

  • New Vehicle – Quad – Available on Miramar, this all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has four low-pressure tires with the driver seat designed to be straddled by the operator, with handlebars for steering control. It is modelled after a racing-style ATV but includes a rear seat for a second occupant.
  • Lobby Ball – While waiting on the starting island for a match to start, players will now find a football (soccer ball) they can kick around with other Survivors. Players can dribble, pass, and shoot the football (soccer ball) while they wait, or even coordinate a short game of (football) soccer if they like.

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