Seattle Indies Expo 2019, List of all 25 games that will be shown

Seattle Indies Expo is a collection of the top 25 indie games from Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and it’s happening alongside PAX West on Sunday, September 1. Come join us just a few blocks from PAX at the Motif Hotel where you will be able to play the following 25 games and meet the developers that made them!

Wintermoor Tactics Club – EVC / Wildfire – Ryan Kubik / Hevn – Miga, Tinted – David Sharer / Supreme Courtship – Just Us Games / SEED – Digital Future Lab / The Wind and Wilting Blossom – Picklefeet Games / Gladius – Cat Quartet Games / Auto Fire – Vertigames, LLC / Path of Giants – Journey Bound Games Inc./ Going Under – Aggro Crab Games / Memoria Cafe – Chumpette Visual / From Beyond: Prologue – SuckerFree Games / Freshly Frosted – The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild / Space Hole 2018 – Sam Atlas / Oh My Ballz – SoulShared Games / Rally Knights – Cannonbot Games / Garden Story – Picogram / Torn Asunder­­­ – Farhan Qureshi / We Met in May – Star Maid Games / Sail Forth – Acid Cat / Monster Jaunt – Sketch House Games / Neon Noodles – Vivid Helix / Red Embrace: Hollywood – Argent Games / The Stars Between Us – Invrse Reality

About Seattle Indies:
Seattle Indies is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of independent game developers in the greater Puget Sound area. Our primary focus is on hosting events and activities that empower people to make games, share feedback, network, and showcase their projects. We also strive to provide friendly spaces where developers can congregate for support, discussion, and news on game development, in addition to highlighting the works of our talented creators to the general public.


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