SMITE Combine 2019: Details & How To Participate

SMITE eSports

We are very excited to announce the return of the SMITE Combine! This amateur circuit is dedicated to players just below the Minor League and is intended to act as a proving ground for upcoming talent. Throughout the year, Combine tournaments will allow aspiring pros to compete for both prizing and potential placement in the SML.

Keep reading for more details on the SMITE Combine and how you can participate in any of its tournaments for the 2019 season.

SMITE Combine 2019 Details

The SMITE Combine will begin in February and run throughout 2019. Participating teams will be able to earn prizing and even potentially be placed into the SML at a later point in the season.

Here’s a quick rundown on what players can expect from the Combine:

  • Series of eight open bracket tournaments (four weeks each)
  • No region locking — however, teams must be able to play on NA or EU servers
  • Top team can potentially replace a poorly performing SML team in the middle of the 2019 season
    • Active SML teams must win 2 games in a phase in order to remain in the league for the next phase. If a team does not win 2 games in a phase, they will be replaced with the top Combine team in their region and the organization will have that spot revoked. However, the new team may be signed by the partner organization instead.
  • Top team can be promoted into the SML at the end of the 2019 season
  • Teams can earn prizing each tournament based on their final placement after 4 weeks of open bracket play
    • $1, 250 prize pool per region for each Combine tournament

SMITE Combine Tournament Schedule

Throughout 2019, the SMITE Combine will consist of eight open-bracket tournaments with each tournament lasting four weeks. The full schedule for all Combine tournaments is as follows:

Tournament 1 (February 9 – March 3)

  • Week 1: February 9-10
  • Week 2: February 16-17
  • Week 3: February 23-24
  • Week 4: Match 2-3

Tournament 2 (March 9 – March 31)

  • Week 1: March 9-10
  • Week 2: March 16-17
  • Week 3: March 23-24
  • Week 4: March 30-31

Tournament 3 (April 6 – April 28)

  • Week 1: April 6-7
  • Week 2: April 13-14
  • Week 3: April 20-21
  • Week 4: April 27-28

Tournament 4 (May 4 – May 26)

  • Week 1: May 4-5
  • Week 2: May 11-12
  • Week 3: May 18-19
  • Week 4: May 25-26

Tournament 5 (June 8 – June 30)

  • Week 1: June 8-9
  • Week 2: June 15-16
  • Week 3: June 22-23
  • Week 4: June 29-30

Tournament 6 (July 6 – July 28)

  • Week 1: July 6-7
  • Week 2: July 13-14
  • Week 3: July 20-21
  • Week 4: July 27-28

Tournament 7 (August 3 – August 25)

  • Week 1: August 3-4
  • Week 2: August 10-11
  • Week 3: August 17-18
  • Week 4: August 24-25

Tournament 8 (September 7 – September 29)

  • Week 1: September 7-8
  • Week 2: September 14-15
  • Week 3: September 21-22
  • Week 4: September 28-29

How to Participate in the SMITE Combine

Participating in the SMITE Combine is easy! So long as your team can compete on NA or EU servers, you’re welcome to sign up for any of our open tournaments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get involved.

Step 1: Join the SMITE Combine Discord Channel

If you want to compete in the SMITE Combine, the first step you need to take is joining the SMITE Combine community Discord channel. This channel will be used for all communications around the Combine — including announcements, rules, registration reminders, and chatting with tournament administrators.

Step 2: Register to Participate for the Tournament

After you’ve joined the Discord channel above, all you need to do is wait for registration to open. Your tournament admin will send out reminders to sign up for the Combine when registrations open each weekend. Signups for each region will take place on the following days and times:

  • EU Servers — Saturdays @ 10:00 AM ET (4:00 PM CET)
  • NA Servers — Sundays @ 10:00 AM ET (7:00 AM PT)

Note: The SMITE Combine is not region locked, meaning that anyone from anywhere in the world can compete in the tournament. However, games must be played on NA or EU servers. If you’re an international team looking to compete, choose the server that best works for you and register your team for that tournament day.

Below is a more detailed schedule of which days you can participate in the first open bracket Combine tournament.

Combine  1  EU Server Sign-Ups NA Server Sign-Ups
Week 1 Feb. 9 (10:00 AM ET) Feb. 10 (10:00 AM ET)
Week 2 Feb. 16 (10:00 AM ET) Feb. 17 (10:00 AM ET)
Week 3 Feb. 23 (10:00 AM ET) Feb. 24 (10:00 AM ET)
Week 4 March 2 (10:00 AM ET) March 3 (10:00 AM ET)

Once the sign-up link has been posted on the dates and times listed above, your team captain will need to fill it out completely. After the check-in is accurately filled out and submitted, you just have to wait for your tournament admin to post the bracket and rules for your games in the Combine Discord. This admin will give you all further direction on when to start your matches.

Step 3: Play!

Once your team is checked in, your tournament adminsitrator will use the Discord channel to communicate with all teams and run the Combine. They will post a bracket for your team to see your matchup, then give you the rundown on all tournament rules and instructions for how to play your games.


Can I compete in the Combine if I’m not a resident of North America or Europe?

Yes! You are allowed to compete in the Combine if you are not a resident of North America or Europe. However, all games are played on NA or EU servers. So if you are outside those regions, you must be able to play on those regional servers in order to compete.

Will SML players be competing in the Combine?

No. Any SML player or team who is currently active in the Minor League  may not participate in any portion of the SMITE combine.

Are there any requirements needed to compete in the Combine? 

There are no account level  or age requirements for participating in the Combine. However, you must be old enough to play the game according to the SMITE Terms of Service (13 years old) and you must have an account that is in good standing. You must also have a team of at least 5 members to participate.

I missed the check-in time! Can I still play in the tournament?

If you or your team misses the registration period, you cannot participate in that week of the Combine. But you are still welcome to sign up for subsequent weeks if you show up on time!

We’re excited to see what talent hits the Battleground when the SMITE Combine kicks off! If you have any questions about the participation process or how you can get involved, reach out to us on Twitter @SmitePro or in the SMITE Combine community Discord channel!