Spartans eSports Academy will be opening at the Rinks at Exeter, N.H.

This fall, the Spartans eSports Academy will be opening at the Rinks at Exeter.  The Spartans eSports Academy, in partnership with Helix eSports, is a first of its kind program designed to provide equitable access to technology and enrich the lives of students in the Seacoast community. With access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, the facility in Exeter will offer esports programming, competitive opportunities and STEM education emphasizing the future of technology.

Members of the Spartans eSports Academy will have opportunities to participate on teams (elite and recreational), in online tournaments, skill development camps and weekly technology education clinics. The Spartans eSports teams will be holding tryouts in January 2021 for teams to compete in games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, NHL, FIFA, NBA 2k, Madden and others.

“The world is rapidly changing and there is no debate that technology is a big key to our future and the lives of the students in our community. The Spartans eSports Academy will motivate students to develop a positive passion for technology through gaming, education and community interaction,” says John St.Pierre, co-founder of the Spartans eSports Academy.  “Our goal is to provide a structured environment for all to have fun participating in esports while also providing an educational platform with world-class coaches that ignite future passions for higher education and career paths.”

Helix eSports offers world class gaming and virtual reality experiences at state-of-the-art centers throughout the United States.  Helix eSports was founded with the mission to foster, celebrate and grow the amateur esports ecosystem. Their recently opened Patriot Place location is the first gaming center adjacent to a major professional sporting venue (Gillette Stadium) and is also home of the Boston Uprising, a professional Overwatch team.

“We are thrilled to play a part in creating groundbreaking initiatives like the Spartan eSports Academy. At Helix eSports our mission is to provide equitable access to technology and opportunities in esports by creating avenues for our players to succeed, whether it be in the arena, in the classroom or on the sidelines. We are excited for the opportunity to cultivate and democratize the amateur pipeline for emerging players in the Seacoast region to achieve their goals of gaming and education at the next level,” said Murphy Vandervelde, CEO of Helix eSports.

With commercial acceptance and higher education opportunities now available through esports, the Spartans eSports Academy aims to help players gain an edge by prioritizing their physical and mental health. Much like with traditional sports, the Spartans eSports Academy will offer a place for its members to compete in a team environment with professional coaching to help develop the kind of teamwork, leadership, communication and social skills that lead to success in life.

Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Spartans eSports Academy website ( to learn more.