Square Enix at PAX West 2019

Developer panels, fan activities and giveaways will be among the many offerings from SQUARE ENIX® at this year’s PAX West 2019, held at the Washington State Convention Center from August 30 – September 2. Midgar comes to life in Booth #2335 with several familiar sights from Sector 1, including a re-creation of the train station and a stunning Mako reactor that looms over the show floor, and houses gameplay demos of FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE. Square Enix also invites fans to experience current and upcoming games at Booth #2141, including FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers™, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, Trials of Mana™ and more. Fans can also hop on Cloud’s iconic Hardy Daytona motorcycle from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE for photo ops and take part in a variety of other fun activities at PAX.

In addition to the activities listed above, visitors to Square Enix’s booth will be able to:

  • Attempt to beat Titania in the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers Titania battle challenge. Those who can best the ruler of the pixies will earn an “I Beat Titania” t-shirt.
  • Join together with three other newcomers to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and challenge Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno. This special challenge, designed for new players, will reward participants with a free copy of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition to take home and continue their adventures with their friends.
  • Play the hit mobile game FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS® on a giant touch screen.
  • Score daily giveaways (while supplies last), including:
    • Two-sided FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE poster featuring the game’s hero, Cloud, and iconic villain, Sephiroth (Booth #2335).
    • KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] character buttons and zodiac Chirithy postcards.
    • Two-sided poster featuring key art from Trials of Mana and Collection of Mana™.

Square Enix merchandise will also be at Booth #2141. Fans can purchase a variety of official character products and accessories, including Square Enix Store exclusives: CLOUD STRIFE Another Form Variant Limited Version, NieR:Automata™ 2B ver 2.0 – 2P Color Variant, a new selection of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Acrylic Keychains and more. Attendees can also learn to play table top games including: FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME (FFTCG), CHOCOBO™ PARTY UP! THE BOARD GAME, FINAL FANTASY XIV GOLD SAUCER CACTPOT PARTY and TOMB RAIDER® LEGENDS: THE BOARD GAME.  

PAX West attendees can also look forward to the following events and panels:

LIFE IS STRANGE™ : Bringing Relatable Characters & Stories to Life
Friday, August 30 from 12:00 -1:00 PM at the Raven Theatre, 7th floor of the Hyatt Regency
Join Michel Koch, Co-Creative Director of LIFE IS STRANGE 2, and the cast of the game for an exclusive in-depth discussion where you will discover the stories behind the performances, and behind-the-scenes secrets of the research involved in creating the relatable characters, grounded settings and extraordinary events that define LIFE IS STRANGE.

LIFE IS STRANGE 2 FAN MEET & GREET with What’s Good Games
Friday, August 30 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM
at Art Marble 21, 731 Westlake Avenue N – 2nd Floor
Celebrate the launch of the latest episode of LIFE IS STRANGE 2 with the co-founders of What’s Good Games, along with developers from DONTNOD Entertainment. Share your favorite moments from the series, enjoy refreshments and once you arrive, get a free ticket to have the chance to win limited LIFE IS STRANGE 2 posters at the event. Winners will have the opportunity to take a photo and meet the Co-Creative Director Michel Koch. Free Admission. For additional information about the event visit: https://www.facebook.com/WhatsGoodGames/.

Creating FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers – Narrative and Visual Insights
Sunday, September 1 at 2:30pm PT at the Main Theatre, 911 Pine St
The newly released third expansion for FINAL FANTASY XIV, Shadowbringers, introduced players to a whole new world—quite literally—as they ventured through the most compelling chapter in the MMO’s story yet. Join art team lead Takeo Suzuki and main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa as they look back at how the unforgettable setting and narrative of Shadowbringers came to be. Additionally, two signing sessions with the panelists will be held on Sunday, September 1 at 11:00am PT and 4:30pm PT at the Seattle Sheraton. Fans can have a chance to receive tickets to these sessions either by participating in the Titania battle challenge at the Square Enix booth on Friday and Saturday, or by attending the Sunday panel. No Warrior of Darkness will want to miss this glimpse behind the scenes, but those who have not yet taken up the mantle of shadow be warned: spoilers abound!

The full lineup of games that will be featured in the Square Enix booth at PAX includes:

Platform: Android, iOS
Developer: Square Enix, Koei Tecmo
Available: Now
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA continues the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY adventure on mobile devices, where players can form parties from dozens of their favorite FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains and equip them with a variety of weapons from the series. The mobile game features an extensive story and strategic turn-based combat that the FINAL FANTASY series is known for.

Platform: iOS, Android, Amazon
Developer: Square Enix, gumi Inc.
Available: Available Now
Reaching its third anniversary earlier this year and recently surpassing 40 million downloads worldwide, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a full-scale FINAL FANTASY adventure made for mobile devices. Fusing together the epic features of all FINAL FANTASY titles, including a captivating story and a classic turn-based battle system with a simplified mobile interface and pixel art style, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is an adventure appealing to both newcomers and long-term fans alike.

Platform: PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system
Developer: Square Enix
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)
Available: March 3, 2020
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original game that re-defined the RPG genre.  The new game series will allow player to dive deeper into the vast game world and its characters than ever before. The first game in this project will be set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience that provides a great starting point to the series. Along with unforgettable characters and a powerful story, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE features a hybrid battle system that merges real-time action with strategic, command-based combat.

Platform: PlayStation®4 system, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, STEAM®
Developer: Square Enix
ESRB: T (Teen)
Available: September 3, 2019
FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered brings the game’s classic story to modern platforms, now with newly rendered visuals that bring the story’s characters to life like never before. In FINAL FANTASY VIII, the military nation of Galbadia has declared war on the Dukedom of Dollet and its up tomercenary force SeeD, to defend the country. Led by Squall Leonhart, a new member of SeeD, and an army of his friends, including Rinoa Heartilly, now a member of a resistance group, they get pulled into the war, unaware of their fated task to save the world.

Platform: PlayStation®4 system, Windows, STEAM, Mac
Developer: Square Enix
ESRB: Teen
Available: Now
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is celebrating its highest number of active subscribers in the title’s history, and recently surpassed 16 million total registered users. A free trial is available now, inviting new players to access content up to level 35, create up to eight playable characters, and experience the different playable races, classes, and jobs with no restrictions on playtime. New players who wish to experience the free trial may register here: http://sqex.to/FFXIVFreeTrial. Shadowbringers, the next chapter in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV story, is now available, and includes breathtaking new environments, exotic new races, exciting new jobs and more.

Platform: Android, iOS, Amazon
Developer: Square Enix
Available: Now
With over 10 million players worldwide, KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] lets players uncover story elements from the earliest parts of the series’ history, as well as from KINGDOM HEARTS III. Players can create their very own Keyblade wielder and adventure through Disney worlds with beautiful and stylized art while interacting with a rich cast of memorable Disney characters. The game also features both co-op and player vs player (PvP) modes, so gamers can play with friends and compete on leaderboards to win rewards.

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system, Windows PC
Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
ESRB: Rating Pending
Available: September 27, 2018
Discover a story of two brothers, 16-year old Sean and 9-year old Daniel Diaz, who have to flee their home in suburban Seattle after a tragic event that changes their lives forever. On the run from the police, Sean makes a difficult decision; to take his brother and go to Puerto Lobos, Mexico. Life on the road is dangerous and the brothers will be faced with tough decisions as they bravely undertake a journey that will test the bonds of brotherhood. Everything is new in LIFE IS STRANGE 2 – a new cast of characters, multiple new settings, new gameplay features and a brand-new power for players to discover, making LIFE IS STRANGE 2 the most ambitious project in series history.

Platform: Available digitally on PlayStation®4 system, Nintendo Switch, STEAM
Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory™
ESRB: T (Teen)
Available: Now
With supervision by Creative Producer Takashi Tokita (Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve), ONINAKI depicts the story of Kagachi, a young watcher whose duty is to usher Lost Souls into the next world. After meeting a mysterious girl named Linne, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death. Kagachi can unleash the powers of daemons against his foes, using them to provide unique and powerful skills and abilities during gameplay. With highly customizable skill trees for each daemon, fast and engaging action-RPG gameplay mechanics and a mysterious, involving story, ONINAKI is set to take players to a whole new world where death is only the beginning.

Trials of Mana
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 system, STEAM
Developer: Square Enix
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)
Available: Early 2020
Trials of Mana is a full high-definition remake of the third entry in the Mana series, previously released in Japan in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3. Trials of Mana tells the story of six heroes in their battle to defeat monsters of destruction trying to take over the world while the power of Mana has been weakened. Players can choose between six main characters and supporting allies, the story will play out in different ways depending on the combination of the main character and allies in the party.