AOC and Red Bull extend their eSports partnership

AOC and Red Bull joined forces in May 2019. After a successful year of creating tournaments in various esports disciplines, the two brands decided to extend their partnership for another year. AOC will equip both gamers and casters with high performance gaming monitors to guarantee the maximum of support.

“We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Red Bull and take it to a global level”, says Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing and Business Management at AOC. “Working together allows us to reinforce the esports community in more and more countries and we are proud that our monitors were selected as preferred gear to facilitate players’ top-notch performance.”

The first major events that lie ahead are the League of Legends Red Bull Solo Q. Players from Poland have the chance to make it through several qualifiers in the course of the next six weeks to qualify for the Red Bull Solo Q event. The national final will take part on 12th of June. Red Bull Solo Q will also be repeated in different countries, so keep your eyes open for your chance to participate.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans can take a shot at the upcoming Red Bull Flick events. Qualifiers for Portugal, Germany, Greece and Turkey are running throughout the next week and will all peak into a national final. Within the rich prize pool, participants of both, Solo Q and Flick, are eligible to win a new AOC monitor.

High quality events with high quality monitors

When performing at the highest level, pro players require optimal gear to that does justice to their speed and precision. This is why AOC chose to equip players and casters with the AG251FZ as well as the AG273QZ at Red Bull events. Both models feature a lightning fast 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

AOC AGON AG273QZ – 240Hz and 1ms response time

Not only can casters and players on-site experience the quality of AOC products. Winners of the various Red Bull events will be awarded with a brand-new monitor. With upcoming giveaways on social media, fans also have the chance to win AOC monitors to upgrade their setup, so stay tuned.

Upcoming Red Bull online events