BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen: Full schedule

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen will kick off for the third year in a row in Royal Arena. The match schedule is ready and there’s plenty to be excited about. Team Liquid, Astralis and FaZe Clan is already qualified for the Global Final in December. Both Cloud9, NiP and NaVi still have a chance to qualify for the Global Final.

Defending Champions, NaVi will be returning to Royal Arena, November 2

The world’s best team, and home favorites, Astralis will be there to take up the fight against their rivals from Team Liquid, defending BLAST CPH champions, NaVi, the Swedish Ninjas, NiP, coldzera and his new team FaZe Clan and last but not least, American fighters, Cloud9.

Full Program:

Friday, November 1

19:00, Round 1

Cloud9 – NiP / Astralis – FaZe Clan / NaVi – Team Liquid

20:20, Round 2

NaVi – FaZe Clan / Astralis – NiP / Cloud9 – Team Liquid

Saturday, November 2

14:00, Round 3

Team Liquid – Astralis / Cloud9 – NaVi / FaZe Clan – NiP

15:20, Round 4

NaVi – Astralis / Cloud9 – FaZe Clan / Team Liquid – NiP

16:40, Round 5

NaVi – NiP / FaZe Clan – Team Liquid / Astralis – Cloud9

18:00, Stand-Off

19:00, Grand Final (BO3)

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