Capcom Pro Tour – Combo Breaker 2018: Event Information

Capcom Pro Tour

PREMIER EVENT: Combo Breaker 2018

Combo Breaker 2018 is a Capcom Pro Tour Global Premier Event held in Chicago, IL, USA from May 25th through May 27th. See the SmashGG link below for Registration information.

About Combo Breaker

COMBO BREAKER is a 3-day Fighting Game Community convention & tournament series held annually over Memorial Day weekend in Illinois, USA.

Organized by COMBO BREAKER LLC, the convention was developed by @thehadou & Gaming Generations to provide a high-spectacle weekend for fighting game fans in the Midwest. Since the convention’s arrival in 2015, it has been heralded as a can’t-miss experience by tournament competitors and spectators alike. COMBO BREAKER continues to be an event focused on the attendee experience, built by a dedicated staff with years of event attendance behind them.


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