Farming Simulator League, esports league’s third season begins in Nov.

The Farming Simulator League (FSL) is back: GIANTS Software announces the third season of its esports activities coming November. Supported by engaged sponsors such as Intel, Corteva Agriscience and Nitrado, the FSL continues with many exciting improvements. While acclaimed manufacturers are once again on board to deploy premium teams representing their brands, everyone is invited to compete using the free to download DLC on PC. With the incentive of a price pool worth 250.000 Euros.

Kick-off tournament is set, finals at AGRITECHNICA
Streamed live on the official GIANTS Software Twitch channel, the first tournament takes place from November 28th – 29th. With John Deere, Lindner, Krone and Trelleborg returning while Valtra, Manitou and Rudolf Hörmann are ready to make their FSL debut, the first seeded teams of the season are confirmed. More team announcements are to follow soon.

After attending various renowned events like Paris Games Week, gamescom, IEM Expo and others, the FSL is set to return to GIANTS Software’s very own FarmCon and other events next year, climaxing at AGRITECHNICA in November 2021.

Competitive farming gets even more strategic

More power-ups, more challenging map properties, more machines: With the new FSL Season 3 client released this week, every Farming Simulator fan and esports enthusiast is invited to register and compete in the improved continuation of the growing league.

“We’re very excited to kick-off Season 3 and build on the successful foundation of previous seasons. Almost every aspect of game mechanics and competitive dynamics has been refined for the coming season.” says Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software. “We’re thankful to our engaged sponsors from Corteva, Intel and Nitrado – and of course all new and returning teams. We’re glad to have everyone on board and evolve even further.”                                                                                                                                                                                    …
Free esports DLC available
FSL offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience, based on machinery and controls from Farming Simulator 19. The specific esports game mode requires teamwork and skills on a dedicated map to expertly harvest wheat, carefully produce bales and quickly deliver them quickly to the teams’ own barn.

The free to download Season 3 client introduces a training mode, so newcomers can start their training right away. For further information about FSL visit .