GoXLR, gives online broadcasters pro-level audio

TC Helicon, the market leader in professional vocal technology, is bringing ground breaking audio technology to video gamers, podcasters and streamers. Announced under their Helicon Gaming brand, GoXLR, gives online broadcasters pro-level audio via XLR mic connection, while providing unprecedented control and sound quality to the gaming market.

GoXLR combines a multi-channel USB audio interface, 4-channel digital stereo mixer with motorized faders, a sound board with 12 simultaneous clips and record/storage capabilities, and world-renown TC Helicon vocal effects. According to Tony Rodrigues, Operations Transformation Leader at TC Helicon, “TC Helicon is bringing 20 years of vocal and audio processing expertise into the gaming world. GoXLR takes vocal sound quality to the next level while allowing hands on, real-time control of the key audio streams and effects online gamers and podcasters desire.”

Prior to GoXLR, online broadcasters had to piece together audio solutions. This made getting great audio a challenge for streamers to podcasters. GoXLR was designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top streamers and gamers to provide a simple yet powerful solution that greatly enhances the sonic and entertainment value of their content. “Two years ago, we started with an idea, a fantastic group of streamers, and a piece of blank cardboard”, says Craig Fraser, Brand Leader for Helicon Gaming, “today, we bring GoXLR to life and deliver a compact, creative piece of audio technology that takes streamers to the next level.”

In addition to world-class sound, GoXLR also brings stylish ergonomics and bling to the desktop. Full RGB LED lighting enables per control color customization, graphic scribble strips allow for standard or customized icons or text to indicate function, and user presets allow users to switch between games easily while having the GoXLR change configurations; including levels, colors, samples and effects. All of this power is under user control via a Windows control panel application.

GoXLR is compatible with all games and major podcasting and streaming software, runs under Windows 7 and higher, includes an external power supply, USB cable, control panel app and drivers. GoXLR is available through Amazon and other major online retailers and has a suggested retail price of $499 USD.