IMGN.PRO at PAX West 2017

My Memory of Us and Symmetry will be available at PAX West! If you want to get to know some cool titles in Seattle, look no further than the Indie Games Poland booth, where you’ll discover these intriguing games by Juggler Games and Sleepless Clinic.

Global publisher and developer IMGN.PRO is delighted to showcase their outstanding and highly anticipated new games at PAX West! My Memory of Us is a touching, reflective story about a pair of young friends set in times of war, while Symmetry introduces you to a crew of scientists, stranded on a strange, frozen planet that has drawn them to it with a mysterious signal…

If you want to play My Memory of Us and Symmetry, visit the Indie Games Poland booth #6003, Floor 6.

These amazing titles are waiting.

MY MEMORY OF US is a side scrolling adventure game with intriguing story and various logical puzzles. The game will be present at PAX West as a PC hands-on demo. When a boy and a girl face evil robots as they wander through a ruined city, they have one thought that gives them hope – they know that they’ll always be together and that their friendship will last through everything. As they confront the new obstacles they encounter, they remember that survival isn’t everything. Children are able to find tiny moments of happiness, little pleasures that allow them to cut off the horrible reality of war even for a little bit. They don’t quite understand war, or what is actually happening to their city. But is it even possible to comprehend something so terrifying…?

SYMMETRY is set on desolate, outlandish, frozen planet. You will be responsible for the survival of a group of castaways, scientists who were attracted to the planet by a mysterious signal. Your goal will be to repair their shuttle and survive in the inhospitable environment. The deep and compelling plot is surrounded by an atmospheric musical score and graphic design that sustains the harsh and mysterious ambience. But beware, a threat from an unknown force will try to affect every step you take. Your task is to manage the life functions crucial to the survivors’ existence, such as eating, resting, mental health, and individual skills. You also have to fix the ship as quick as possible by gathering all the necessary repair parts, all while facing difficult moral choices that will affect the entire expedition. The game will be present at PAX West as a PC hands-on demo.