Indonesia at Essen SPIEL 2017

Indonesia will be participating as exhibitor this year at Essen SPIEL 2017, the biggest and most anticipated board game con in the world. This will be the second time board game publisher from Indonesia exhibiting in the SPIEL.

Indonesian board game industry has grown significantly since the previous participation in Essen SPIEL 2014. At that time, Kummara and Manikmaya Games were supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The numbers of board game publishers grew quite significant as it is now exist 12 publishers in Indonesia. The number went tripled than it was in 2014. At least 25 titles released and estimated will reach 50 by end of 2018.

This year Manikmaya Games, a board game publisher from city of Bandung and Hompimpa Games from Solo will be exhibiting together in Essen SPIEL 2017 as a representative from Indonesia. Visit their booth at Hall 8, Booth 8 – C144. Indonesia will introduce 12 board games titles at the fair:

This is a game about the students of Ra Tanca, the legendary Acaraki of Majapahit. Since he was considered to be opposed to Kalagemet, King Majapahit, Ra Tanca was sentenced to jail in Kotaraja. But, he asked his students to continue helping and cure people of Majapahit. Players will play as Acaraki, one of Ra Tanca students. You must collect materials, then gather into Jamu (herbal drink), to cure various diseases suffered by Majapahit people. Compete to determine who will be the next Ra Tanca, the greatest Acaraki of Majapahit!

As a nation with vast aquatic ecosystem, Indonesia understands well the importance to educate its people to protect its aquatic ecosystem both marine and fresh water. Aquatico is designed to introduce the content of aquatic ecosystem and the bio-diversity that dwells in it to its players. The gameplay is suitable for family with young children.

Batik is both an art and a craft. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. In Kampung Batik Laweyan, Java, Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made there. The word batik originates from the Javanese tik and means to dot. In this game, Players will play as Mbok Mase, the person responsible for batik making process in Kampung Batik Laweyan. As a Mbok Mase, you have to make the right decisions, when to shop for materials, store materials and use materials to make batik. The players also must be right when determining who the artist who will work on his batik workshop.

Based on Indonesian folkstory “Timun Mas” the game revolves around a little girl named Timun Mas and a giant named Buto Ijo. The story told us that Buto Ijo will claim Timun Mas from her parents at certain age but will also fail because of Timun Mas’ cleverness. This game will challenge us the players to help Timun Mas escape Buto Ijo’s grasp.

Acting as founding fathers of Indonesia, players will be asked to cooperate with each others in Indonesian struggle for independence period (1908-1955 CE). Players will have to deal with oppressor’s force while at the same time setting up national scale movement to take back Indonesian freedom to their own people.

Mahardika is designed to be cooperatively played by 4-7 players

Mataram board game revolves around the kingdom of Mataram, on of the ancient kingdom that stood as the very foundation of Indonesia. Mataram also known as one of the few country in the old world that unites two major religion at the time, Syiwa Buddhism and Hindu, live harmoniously and prosper. Temple of Borobudur and Temple of Prambanan were only a few samples of Mataram golden era.

In Mataram the board game, players will play as Rakai (feudal lords) strive to be the best at developing its own region.

Orang Rimba or Suku Anak Dalam is one of the indigenous people who lived in ​​Bukit Dua Belas National Park, Jambi, Indonesia. They lived in peace side by side with nature that provides everything needed to survive. However, forest peace is disturbed. Some parts of the forest are over-exploited by irresponsible people. Making forests degraded and natural resources less. Players will act as one of the Orang Rimba. Players must survive and keep the forest out of destruction and illegal logging.

Literally translated into “rushing boats”, Perahu Buru-Buru is a dexterity + programming boat race. You will row your small boat in a race, avoiding all the obstacles, and finding the fastest route by planning all the movement as fast as possible.

This badminton based card game is playable for 2 and 4 players. Playing as a rookie badminton player, you will have to manage both your stamina and skills to be able to win the game. In Roket Raket, player can pick the character suits him/her the most, as there’re various character with various set of skills as well. Some of them are better at long-rally game, some may excel in smash or back-smash.

Welcome to Gang Damai, a little street on a corner of Jakarta. With their houses almost hugging each other, living in Gang Damai is always full of color. But, conflicts could happen between its residents sometime; and breaking up the peacefulness of Gang Damai. The conflicts, even could be triggered by trivial causes which sometimemaking a resident uneasy or even feeling disturbed, such as loudly played stereo set, throttling up the motorcycle while it’s being warmed up, speeding on the cluster complex, or honking motorcycle’s horn repeatedly.

Could the peacefulness of Gang Damai be always kept with so many characters of its residents? Let’s play as Ucup, Mbak Sri, Ferdinand, andPoltak to create a peaceful neighborhood in Gang Damai, for to be a good resident is a duty.

Players will act as backpackers who travel the Indonesian archipelago in order to visit and review many tourism and cultural festival taking place in Indonesia every year in this game.  Designed as a family game, The Festivals board game will be a perfect media to introduce the cultural diversity of Indonesia to everyone.

In the dystopian world of Uptime, the struggle for power is the struggle for information. The 5 factions are battling each other only to dominating access for data network. The one doing the “UPTIME” or connecting their transceiver tower to the satelites will take control over the world. The Uptime board game is a worker placement and area control game for 3-5 players.