Overwatch, Real-life RIP-Tire created by British inventor Video

Colin Furze, the famous British inventor and filmmaker with over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube, has taken on the challenge of recreating Junkrat’s ultimate weapon, the RIP-Tire, in real life!

Having spent weeks in his iconic shed, jam-packed with all kinds of tools, Colin has found a way to create a fast-moving tire using chainsaws, huge spikes, remote control devices, and even a motorbike — all while staying faithful to the original design from Overwatch.

In the first video, now live, Colin explains the initial steps taken to bring the exciting concept to life. Colin will be releasing two additional videos in the series where you’ll be able to see just how powerful the RIP-Tire really is—capable of rolling over vast fields, breaking fences, smashing cars, and anything else that stands in its way!

It’s a perfect day for some mayhem!