PEL Team Streams

Following your favorite players is easier than ever with the help of PEL Team Streams. Sixteen individual broadcasts, each offering a unique experience with their respective casters, allow you to follow along from the perspective of any team.

With the fast-paced nature of PUBG and the battle-royale genre, it’s difficult to catch every moment from one viewpoint during a match. We encourage the viewers to join their favorite teams and spectate from their perspective, possibly earning a better look into the decision making, obstacles, and feats a team encounters every match.

Team Channel Casters
CrowCrowd [En] Apnumen
Desperado [En] Kopt, insight
Digital Athletics [Tr] Bogachan
ENCE [Fi] Tombha, L3uku
FaZe Clan [En] Esquire
G2 Esports [De] GideonDari
GamerLegion [En] CoRRoNa, Avoxir, Feelin
N47 [En] Hayz, Aerckie
Natus Vincere [Ru] m4dshaw
Ninjas in Pyjamas [En] Frolicer
Pittsburgh Knights [En] Grt
Reciprocity [En] MustacheDave, CantOrWont
Reciprocity [Fr] Manath, co6nus, Sunsura, X4rgin
RYE Gaming [En] xKriss
Se7en eSports [Ru] LiveForSurf
Team Liquid [En] Gulden
TSM [En] aimPR

The PUBG Europe League kicks off Week 4 on Friday. While teams fight for every available point, be sure to follow the league on social media to track all of the action.