Rocket League, ‘Haunted Hallows’ Event

Psyonix, San Diego video game developer, announced that Ghostbusters will headline the upcoming Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event starting  October 20 on all platforms! The in-game event will feature Event Challenges that unlock Ghostbusters-themed items and two Limited Time Modes.

Haunted Hallows will begin on October 20 and end on November 2. Once the event goes live, players will need to complete Event Challenges to unlock the following themed items:

  • Ghostbusters Avatar Border

  • GhostBusters Player Banner

  • Ghostbusters Wheels

  • Stay Puft Topper

  • Stay Puft Wheels

  • Ectoplasm Boost

  • Mood Slime Boost

  • Ghost Trap Topper

  • Slimer Topper

  • Ecto-1 Player Banner

The two Limited Time Modes that will be available for Haunted Hallows are:

  • Haunted Heatseeker (October 20 – October 26) – Heatseeker mode will be played in a spooky new Haunted Urban Arena

  • Spike Rush (October 26 – November 2) – Spike Rush will be played on night map variants

The Item Shop will also feature additional Ghosbusters-themed items, including the return of the Ecto-1, as well as items from previous Haunted Hallows, like the Reaper Goal Explosion, for the duration of the event!

Check out the landing page HERE and the most recent blog post HERE for additional information.