The ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup kicks off

The ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup kicks off, Wednesday 11th September, and here’s a handy guide to ensure you’re all clued up on who’s playing, when and how you can watch, and what the Pinnacle Cup means for the upcoming season of ECS.

Last season, the two Grand Finalists, Team Vitality and FURIA, were Pinnacle Cup qualifying teams, and we can’t wait to see how this season’s teams perform.

What is the Pinnacle Cup?

The Pinnacle Cup consists of two Swiss tournaments, one EU and one NA, that determine the seeding for ECS Season 8’s Regular Season. In tournament weeks where eight of the ten qualified teams from the previous ECS season are unavailable, the Pinnacle Cup seeding will determine which teams will fill the slots. To qualify for the Pinnacle Cup, teams fought through the ECS Open Qualifiers, and now they’ll get a shot at securing the best seeding for a run at qualifying for the ECS Season 8 Finals.

Team Vitality lifting the ECS S7 trophy. The French team qualified through the Pinnacle Cup.

When does the Pinnacle Cup start?

The ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup starts on Wednesday, 11th September and lasts three days, running through to Friday 13th September.

EU matches get underway at 18:00 CEST each day. NA matches begin at 18:00 ET.

Who is competing in the Pinnacle Cup?

EU Pinnacle Cup teams:

Ambush BIG Clan BLUEJAYS Sports CR4ZY
Espada forZe GamerLegion Heroic
Japaleno (Chaos) m1x Se7en Esports Spirit
Sprout Team Heretics Tricked Windigo

NA Pinnacle Cup teams:

ATK Big Frames Swole Patrol Livid
Mythic New Identity Oceanus Gaming Party Astronauts
Peekers Advantage Rap Gang RBG Esports Riot Squad
Sharks Team Divine Team One The Quest

What is the format and the first-round matchups?

The Pinnacle Cup uses a Swiss format, meaning that teams play opponents with the same record. All matches are Bo3, and teams with a 3-0 record will secure the top possible seed of the Pinnacle Cup teams. Teams who end up with a 2-2 record after four matches will end up playing the maximum number of matches (5).

First-round matchups (EU):

CR4ZY vs m1xX

Heroic vs Windigo

Tricked vs BLUEJAYS

GamerLegion vs Se7en

forZe vs Ambush

BIG Clan vs Espada

Spirit vs Japaleno (Chaos)

Heretic vs Sprout

First-round matchups (NA)

Sharks vs Mythic

Swole Patrol vs Oceanus

ATK vs RBG Esports

Riot Squad vs Team Divine

New Identity vs Party Astronauts

TeamoNe vs Rap Gang

Peeker’s Adv vs The Quest

Big Frames vs Livid

How can I watch the Pinnacle Cup? 

Last week we announced that ECS Season 8 will be open for the community to stream, and the Pinnacle Cup will be no different. Members of the community will stream Pinnacle Cup matches on Caffeine.

You’ll also be able to catch our Community Caster Challenge entrants streaming the matches on Caffeine.

How can I stay up to date with the Pinnacle Cup? 

We’ll be providing updates, scores and links to streams through @ECS on Twitter, so make sure you’re following to stay up to date with the Pinnacle Cup action, as well as keep an eye out for updates on the ECS website.

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