United Gamers’ Free eSports Health & Training Software For LoL Players

Spanish start-up company United Gamers has release their esports health and training software for players of League of Legends.
The objective of this software is to improve the performance of players by optimizing the “Last Hit”, which is the most relevant skill at League of Legends.
Later they want to develop training for other skills, as well as new functionalities of the tool.
“Most of the teams which take part in esports competitions play the game over 8 hours on a daily basis”, claim Xavi Martínez and Ferran Llobet, CEO and COO at United Gamers respectively. “However, this is not an optimal way of training”.
Apart from regular training, this software provides valuable advice regarding healthy habits in order that gamers prevent psychological and physical pathologies related to playing League of Legends.
The beta has been tested in more than 30 countries, having more impact in Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. Teams of the League of Legends Super Liga from Spain have signed an agreement with United Gamers to use their software.
The tool is free and it is available on their website: www.unitedgamers.pro
  • Train free or guided. Initially, you will be able to select if you want to do the complete training or the individual exercises. In the complete training, you will do the sequence of tasks set by the United Gamers team. Instead, in the individual exercises, you will be able to choose the tasks for yourself.
  • Improve with different tasks. In the training, you will perform a set of tasks to improve your farming in League of Legends. You will have a warm-up, an analytical task, and an SSP, a fully contextualized task similar to the game situation. You will work your skills to higher stress than the video game itself.
  • Set up your champion. Once the desired training task is selected, you can choose the level of difficulty, the type of attack, the exact damage of the champion, its life, its attack range, and its projectile speed. In this way, you will be able to train at your level and you will have the maximum similarity with the video game.
  • Warm-up for the session. This task is designed to activate the cognitive, coordinating, and perceptual structures that the game requires; seeking to prepare you for the post-training session and League of Legends ranked match.
  • LAST HIT Analytic task. During this part of the training, the champion will appear in the middle of the map and will be approached by waves of enemy minions from a source. Also from the opposite end, waves of friends will appear, which disappear when there are no more enemies. The objective of the task is to achieve the required percentage of last hits, in order to unlock the next level of difficulty. We propose conditions that expose you to higher stress than the videogame, seeking an improvement in performance in the real situation.
  • LAST HIT SSP task. In this task, you will have to perform the percentage of last hits required with different conditions that will make it more difficult for you, in a more contextualized way.
  • Recover like a pro-player. A cool-down, specific to your gamers’ needs, will help you to recover better after the training session. A cognitive recovery, a stretching phase, and a farewell message are the three parts that players will go through before relaxing.