World of Tanks Console, Season 3 including latest engine update

World of Tanks announced the launch of Season 3 including a latest engine update coming to Consoles on the 15th of December, giving players an enhanced gaming experience and a complete overhaul of its current game, crafting the graphics, UI and tank experience to a complete new level. From improved visibility, to increased level of detail, lighting, and textures – World of Tanks Console will look and play better than ever before.

With the launch of Season 3 the game will also bring updates to gameplay to let players have a real next gen experience on all the consoles generations, as well as enhancements to vehicle management and commander and equipment systems. Players will also be able to access a new Profile tab which will give them information on their careers, keycards, medals, stats and activity log – alongside a post-game Personal tab.

And that is not all! Following on from the success of recent seasons– from the explosive action of WWE SummerSlam to the fast-paced fury of Hot Wheels™ – World of Tanks will be bringing an 80s action hero-filled Season 3 to its loyal community of more than 20 million tankers! Players will have the chance to get hold of Tanks and Hero skins for each of the new characters!

Introducing John Rambo, the star of the venerated Rambo series, and all-round badass. With unmatched strength, stamina and military knowledge – Rambo will bring an aggression to tank warfare that players will not want to miss out on. Next comes Snake Plissken, the special forces operator turned criminal – and the protagonist in cult classics Escape From New York; he never takes his eye off the prize.

Last but not least – World of Tanks Console will be welcoming Colonel James Braddock from the Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) action-adventure film Missing in Action to the team. A decorated US Army Officer – Colonel James Braddock brings the grit and gusto of a POW escapee to proceedings, as well as the skillset of a military specialist.

Creative Director TJ Wagner said: “The team and I are so excited to bring tankers our newest and biggest update ever! Utilising our custom console engine, Despair, with latest console hardware generation support will revolutionise World of Tanks Console, bringing evolved aesthetics and visual improvements to the game – as well as an updated HUD, vehicle management system and much more! We have also completely revamped the UI – advancing how players interact with the title.

With Rambo, Snake and Braddock on board for the coming battle, Season 3 will continue the excitement of the previous 2 seasons – and we look forward to seeing heroes rise amongst the ranks of our players!”

With over 20 million players currently on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One taking advantage of cross-platform gameplay, World of Tanks Console also offers day one backwards compatibility for next generation consoles on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X/S across the globe.

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