APEX Legends, Olympus map and Trident vehicle arrive with Season 7

Get ready to reach new heights in Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension and get a deeper look at the high-flying new Olympus map and the Trident, Apex’s first vehicle.

Some of the Outlands’ favorite Legends make it out of World’s Edge on a carrier ship that brought them there and set a course for Olympus. Witness as they navigate a rough landing to a new dangerous city in the clouds with lush landscape and an industrial underbelly. There they meet Ascension’s newest Legend, Horizon, who helps them evade the competition in the all-new Trident vehicle.

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension will bring the competition to Olympus and more on Wednesday, November 4. For more news about Apex Legends, visit www.playapex.com for the latest updates.